Posted September 7th, 2003 by Anthony

Sunday, September 14, HBO is broadcasting a new mini-series, Carnivale. Surprisingly it has a little person, Michael J. Anderson, as the lead. Usually stories about people with disabilities feature an able-bodied actor in the lead role. It will be interesting to see if he is assisted by an able-bodied rescuer as is usual on TV […]

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Invalid Corps

Posted September 2nd, 2003 by Anthony

I found a new aspect of disability history, the Invalid Corps, while reading “The Gangs of New York.” Even though the members of the Corps were not considered able-bodied enough to serve in the regular army some units were armed. Those were among the first troops to attempt quelling the mobs in the 1863 New […]

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Bowery Bums

Posted August 30th, 2003 by Anthony

“Cripple” jumped out at me while reading “The Gangs of New York,” Herbert Asbury’s book that inspired Scorcese’s movie of the same name. While describing the Bowery at the turn of the last century he said, “Probably no American City has ever been able to boast of resorts as depraved as… the Cripples’ Home, and […]

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Disability and the Arts in Germany

Posted February 20th, 2003 by Anthony

I think that disability culture is starting to break out. On the Yahoo Disabilities and Disabled news page, the lead story was an LA Times review of a German art show, The [Im]Perfect Human Being. From the story as well as the web site, it appears to be a heady mix of the avant garde, […]

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My Left Foot

Posted February 19th, 2003 by Anthony

In one of those small clues in the press about how disability is being viewed, I noticed the inclusion of the movie “My Left Foot” (MLF) in a list of movies about artists in the Sunday, February 16, SF Chronicle. (Sunday’s Pink Section ) The list was created to give video rental ideas to people […]

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Good Dis/Bad Tech

Posted January 12th, 2003 by Anthony

Last week I went to MacWorld. It is a trade fair with an edge of fanaticism. I usually enjoy myself with the new toys while being irritated at the poor wheelchair access and thick carpets. When I saw the database software I use, I went over to their pavilion. I wanted to solve a glitch […]

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