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Wheelchairs, Jocks, Geeks & Glee

Posted May 25th, 2010 by Anthony

Under the influence of our 14 year old, dance-crazed neighbor I’ve watched Glee from the beginning. (Under her influence I’ve also watched every episode of So You Think You Can Dance for the past three years.)

On first watch of Glee I was impressed with how exaggerated and over the top the show was. It also had irony and a bite—a send-up rather than a satire. The characters are hyper-stereotypes. representing some of the more visible high school cliques, in particular, jocks, cheerleaders, and the glee club members (who are at the bottom of the high school pecking order.) The plot is almost always unbelievable yet based on our painful perceptions of high school, which is part of the fun.

For awhile I was confused about the role of the wheelchair-using glee club member, Artie.

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Creepin’ & Crawlin’

Posted May 19th, 2010 by Anthony

After reading the review of a cutting-edge San Francisco restaurant I was wondering about the meaning of “ramp.” I went to the dictionary on my computer. (I’m using the latest Macintosh operating system which has the pretty decent New Oxford American Dictionary. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a listing for ramp the food, but there was for […]

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