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Music Within, a new big budget movie REDUX

Posted October 30th, 2007 by Anthony

Well, I spoke too soon about Music Within, the ADA movie. It was universally panned and when I saw a few more clips I realized it would be as boring as the critics said it would be. I don’t think I’m even going to rent this one.

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Music Within, a new big budget movie

Posted October 18th, 2007 by Anthony

Well, well, well. It has been awhile since we’ve had a big-budget movie about us with name, AB, actors. It’s Music Within, opening in limited release October 26, 2007. You can see the trailer at The plot is about the creation of the ADA. From the trailer I actually am kind of excited. The […]

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Wheelchairs as symbols

Posted October 18th, 2007 by Anthony

A friend and colleague has his antenna out for disability-related songs since we talked about our music explorations. (He’s fascinated by the use of anthems — both contemporary and historical — and how they connect.) He pointed me to an Alt-Country song, “We Can’t Make It Here Any More” by James McMurtry and a video […]

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Disability Film Series-NYC

Posted October 1st, 2007 by Anthony

El Cochecito (The Little Coach) is a new dark comedy with disability and freedom at its center. It’s being shown at the diTHIS! Film Series. The Series showcases films on disability that you probably won’t see anywhere else. The description for El Cochecito says it is, “a dark comedy about an old man who would […]

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