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Blind, Black, and Singing the Blues

Posted February 17th, 2004 by Anthony

KPFA, the Bay Area’s Pacifica station, now has a disability show. It’s Pushing the Limits. Broadcast at 6:30 PM on Sundays, it’s broadcast on the web and archived on KPFA’s web site. On Sunday, February 15 they broadcast a half hour show on blind blues singers, “Blind, Black, and Singing the Blues.” Please excuse the […]

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Triplets of Bellville

Posted February 16th, 2004 by Anthony

I’m fascinated that disability keeps showing up in different venues. The Triplets of Bellville is an animated movie from France, Canada, Belgium, and the UK. The primary character is the Grandmother. Her right shoe has a significant lift, so when she walks she makes a clumping noise. It’s a style of orthopedic shoe one just […]

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