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Wholesome? Sure, it’s about time

Posted November 22nd, 2015 by Anthony

Wholesome? Yes, wholesome I was in LA for a disability art show. Fortunately I was able to fit in dinner with a longtime friend who lives down there. We were sharing all our disability news when I was surprised a moment I didn’t expect. My friend brought out a laptop to show me a 30 […]

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Criperati? Works for me (in a tongue-in-cheek kinda way)

Posted July 27th, 2015 by Anthony

I thought I coined a phrase–criperati. I may have made it up, but there’s been others that also did. Google coughed up a couple two days after I started looking for antecedents. I see the use of criperti as recognition that the disability community is stratified even though we like to think we’re completely egalitarian. […]

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Open Letter to My Disabled Brothers and Sisters: Hawking & “The Theory of Everything”

Posted January 14th, 2015 by Anthony

First off, the new biopic of Stephen Hawking, “The Theory of Everything” is a pretty good movie, but not great. I enjoyed it but I have a pretty high tolerance for disability schmaltz. I dislike overcomer stories but don’t gag when I see them. I won’t go see movies that degrade and us and treat […]

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Access Symbol Works

Posted December 12th, 2014 by Anthony

I was hanging out in the bar with a bunch of folks at SDS last June. One of the party innocently asked, “What do you guys think about the new access symbol business?” Even dead sober I couldn’t help but go on a rant. I knew I had been thinking about how I didn’t like […]

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Heavy Metal & Wheelchair User

Posted November 16th, 2014 by Anthony

Got an email from Risty Byce, a wheelchair using, rock ‘n’ roll drummer at I didn’t follow popular music, and metal in particular, too closely in the early 90s. This Queensrÿche video was brand new to me when Risty sent me a recommendation. I’m not sure about the overall sentiment, it seems to me to […]

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A New Disability Hero!

Posted September 16th, 2013 by Anthony

Doc-Pomus on stage
We have another hero. Hugh Gallagher gave us FDR. The world knew FDR was disabled, but until Gallagher none of us knew that FDR’s disability experience had a profound effect on his life and world view. After polio, FDR began to root for the poor.

I know, hero is so overused when it is applied to us disabled folk that I hesitate to use the term. But it’s accurate. Doc Pomus is my hero. After you hear the stories, he might be yours, too. To find out check out a new documentary “AKA Doc Pomus” that captures some of the highlights of his disabled life.

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Disability Art/Art by Disabled People, yet again

Posted August 8th, 2013 by Anthony

It’s happening again! I’m giving an updated, improved, higher quality presentation on disability art and art by disabled people. I’ll be showing examples and discussing the various ways works created by disabled people are created and displayed. And, I’ll guide you through my disability art project with disability art shows. Disability Art PAC

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Disability Art or Art Created by Disabled People—What’s the Difference?

Posted July 6th, 2013 by Anthony

Sunday, July 28, 4:00 pm at the Petaluma Art Center
photo of a model of rats, a cardboard box, and a pushboard.
…only rats for friends.

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LiANA’s Music Found in Human Beings II

Posted July 5th, 2013 by Anthony

Just last May, in Chicago, the Bodies of Work Festival rocked me. I was there for 8 days to swim in disability culture, see my arty-type friends, and, oh yeah, visit my niece who I hadn’t seen in years. The Festival was a marvel. It was engrossing, confounding, fun, exhausting, inspiring, and ultimately so satisfying. […]

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No Man Is a (motorized) Island

Posted July 3rd, 2013 by Anthony

Scholl album cover
Danny Scholl’s 1980s LP

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