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Orozco–Mexican Muralist

Posted September 28th, 2007 by Anthony

Another one! Disabled artists are everywhere. Our local PBS station aired a documentary, “Man on Fire,” about Jose Clemente Orozco. He was a muralist and contemporary and rival to Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo’s husband. Towards the end of his life he became more famous than Diego. The interesting aspect is how his disability affected his […]

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New Book of MS Portraits

Posted April 26th, 2004 by Anthony

According to a blurb in American Photo there is a new photo book out. It’s by Amelia Davis. She’s documenting with portraits people who share her MS identity, e.g. Richard Pryor. The title is My Story (Demos Medical Publishing). I haven’t seen any of the portraits from the book yet, but her web site has […]

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Disability and the Arts in Germany

Posted February 20th, 2003 by Anthony

I think that disability culture is starting to break out. On the Yahoo Disabilities and Disabled news page, the lead story was an LA Times review of a German art show, The [Im]Perfect Human Being. From the story as well as the web site, it appears to be a heady mix of the avant garde, […]

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My Left Foot

Posted February 19th, 2003 by Anthony

In one of those small clues in the press about how disability is being viewed, I noticed the inclusion of the movie “My Left Foot” (MLF) in a list of movies about artists in the Sunday, February 16, SF Chronicle. (Sunday’s Pink Section ) The list was created to give video rental ideas to people […]

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