Disability and Popular Culture

Disability Songs, Singers, Songwriters

If there are enough people interested in purchasing my compilation Disability: Songs, Singers, and Songwriters I'll figure out the copyright issues and print up a bunch of copies. The price would probably be somewhere between $10 and $15, depending on production costs. Email me, compilation (at) AboutDisability (dot) com.

Cloaked and Hidden Disability Identities in Rock & Roll streaming or MP3
Pushing Limits, KPFA, 4/4/08

Best of 2007

Don't Forget Who's Taking You Home
by Anthony Tusler, originally published in e-Bility magazine, 11/6/07

You make me feel like dancing
by Susan Swartz, Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 9/30/07

KRCB playlist

Anthony Tusler on Disability in Popular Song
by Kari Pope, Breath & Shadow, Volume 2, Number 8; 9/28/05

Disability Songs, Singers, & Songwriters

Disability in Song

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